This is a project I started years ago, back when I first rediscovered my love of The Major.  I am building a Systems Manual of the Matt Mason toy line. It will document everything from the initial Mattel offering, from fonts used through to the details on Matt’s boots. Everything is 100% drawn by me. It’s a lot of fun but bloody hard work. A few more years of toil at least, but I’m in no hurry.

Jet Pack
Smuggled out of the Space Station, by an alien or aliens unknown, here is the master blueprint of that Jet Pack.

Jet Pack Diagram

Make Your Own T-Shirt
Here are two redrawings of the Iron-on transfer. (also there’s one with solid areas instead of line if you’re interested.)

Iron-on (Lined) | Iron-on (Solid)

Desktop Backgrounds
I have started to make computer wallpaper based on the Standards artwork (Size is 1280 x 1024).


Sticker Redrawings
These are redrawings of many of the sticker sheets supplied with vehicles and accessories. Print them in colour at 100% size onto inkjet label sheets.

Space Sled/Space Shelter/Talking Backpack | Space Crawler | Astro Trac | Space Bubble | Firebolt Space Cannon | Gamma Ray Gard | Supernaut Power Limbs/Power Suit | Recono Jet | Rocket Launch Pak/Satellite Launch Pak/Space Probe Pak | Starseeker | Callisto & XRG Glider | Unitread Space Hauler | Space Station Insert | Satellite Locker Insert | Club Membership Button